Thursday, July 26, 2012

#Upcycle Your Old #Christmas Ornaments For Decor

So, I was in the process of organizing my storage and found these red ornaments. How I ended up with them I have no clue. I have never decorated with red (it's not my favorite). So I tossed them in the trash bucket and kept on going... Later I had a craft itch and a light bulb turned out to upcycle the ornaments! It's super easy and a huge variety of personalizing options!

  • dry beans (I went with white so it would be easier to cover with paint) - $1 a bag
  • spray paint of choice - Starting at $1 (you can get metallic paint for about $3/can)
  • hot glue gun - I already had one but you can get them for $1 at some dollar stores or $5-10 at your local department store
  • 2 - 3 glue sticks - My dollar store is $1/75 , I have seen them at other stores 75 for $1.50 ish
  • old ornament - 6/$1 for simple ornaments
  • tweezers - $1 - $5
  • plyers (if needed)

If you want to reuse this as a newly decorated ornament you can leave the hook on. In this case we are gonna take it off. I just broke mine off with my hands, yes it hurt a little lol, so I suggest using plyers to bend it and take it off.

To make the bean placing process easier I started gluing the beans on the "seam" of the ball. I let my kids do the placing of the beans so we used tweezers to put them on.
Place the beans half way over the hole so that you desguise the hole.

The end of the gluing process will look like this

Now that the gluing is all done do two or three light coats of spray paint. I gifted these to a friend of mine and I forgot to take a picture of them sprayed. :( It's super cute though! If you try this project feel free to share your pictures here!


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  1. This is a nifty little craft! I never thought of decorating an already decorated ornament.


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