Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Did you know Habitat for Humanity has indoor volunteer opportunities?

If you are like me the only volunteer opportunities you may know of being available are construction jobs. Although I don't mind helping from time to time doing sweaty and hardworking jobs I've always thought if I could volunteer indoors and not wear myself out so much I could do more, more often. And we all can!
If you have children 14 and up you can even bring them along to help.

Here are the different opportunities available to you as a volunteer:
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  •  Group Construction
  • Individual Construction
  • Special Projects/Committees
  • ReStore
  • Administrative
  • Youth
  • AmeriCorps

 Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity • 2800 N. Hampton Road • Dallas, TX 75212 • Phone: 214-678-2300 • Fax: 214-678-2380

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