Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Money Lessons from Mayberry - @RealLifeDealsKY

Guest post from Sharon at Real Life Deals

Last night we were watching classic Andy Griffith TV.
Here’s a few money lessons I picked up from watching this episode:

Aunt Bee to Andy: It’s more economical to buy the sugar in the huge bag….

Andy Replies: If the sugar is too big to handle and you spill it all, does it really save you money?
Aunt Bee to Andy: Opie’s shoes were in the discontinued bin so I saved $1.25.

Andy replies: They’re 2 inches too big! He’ll never grow in to them.
Andy to Aunt Bee: You’ve never used that freezer. It just sits on the porch. The only thing it has been used for is to catch a mouse last winter. $100 mouse trap? You ‘ve got to bag a bargain like that!

Aunt Bee thought she was saving money by buying a whole side of discounted beef to store in a old rickety freezer. The beef was tough, the freezer didn’t work right…..How much money did Aunt Bee pay to fix the freezer repair man? Did she end up saving any money on the discounted beef?
Sometimes when you think you are saving money, you find that you probably should have just bought what you need instead of trying to cut corners. Aunt Bee bought way more than she needed (stockpiling?), then had no way to store it. Hmmm…. makes one wonder if we should share this episode with others…
Have you seen this episode? It’s pretty amazing how the same real-life savings deals were being discussed back on the Andy Griffith show years ago.

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