Monday, July 25, 2011

WASTE OF MONEY!!!! - Mountasia "Family Fun Center"


I gathered my kids up, my neice and all of the parents involved and convinced everyone we SHOULD go to Mountasia Family Fun Center in North Richland Hills, TX. Close to home, indoor and outdoor activities and food. 
I remember as a kid I LOVED it so much! Recently my brother and his girlfriend went and said that the game tokens weren't expensive so I figured that would be a great change from the typical and we could spend $50 or so on tokens plus get everyone an unlimited pass to play the day away.
Before going I called and spoke with Jordan. I asked about pricing and verified the information on the site but she also told me that the Unlimited Wrist Bands were $14.99 after 4 pm.

  • UNLIMITED Ride Wristbands – Our BEST Value!Enjoy a day packed with UNLIMITED Go-Karts, Mini Golf, Rock Climbing, Bounce Houses & outdoor rides. Usable same day only. Available attractions may very due to weather. Certain height restrictions may apply.

So we waited from 1 pm to 4 pm to go so we could save $5 per kid and put that much more into tokens..

When we get there we aren't greeted by anyone, no smiles on anyones faces and its HOT inside but ofcourse with the revolving doors of everyone going in and out thats expected, but a smile on a face of the employees would be inviting, the MANAGER (which we later found out was Carly) at least! incident 1
After talking to the gentlemen about the party packages  (I forgot his name) ,who was pretty polite, because I was shocked by how cheap they were, we purchase $75 in tokens thinking we had extra money thanks to saving after 4 pm on unlimited wrist bands but not only do we find out the information we were given ( It's $14.99 for the unlimited wrist bands after 4 but its for after dark racing which is good on go karts only.)  was wrong but we ended up having to get "the crew" to fix multiple machines, the air hockey tables either had no puck or didn't work at all, the basketball punching game was broken, atleast 5+ games had out of order on the machines and we ended up just forfitting our eaten money because everytime we had to ask for help they took 5 minutes at least to come, they were not busy so there really was no explanation for delay. No one was monitoring the bounce house areas and the place was not very clean! Incident 2,3 and 4.  Now we know why the party packages are so CHEAP!!!!!
Upset that we were told wrong but already anticipating the rides we spend $20 per person to get unlimited wrist bands. $151 ( I forfeitted my opportunity to ride because honestly I didn't wanna give them another penny of my hard earned money after their bad service, food and lies).
We get our wrist bands, go outside and ride the water boat rides. Unfortunately I didn't get this guys name, blonde hair, young, red shirt, helped up with the ride. After seeing that my neice was upset with the ride (water and bumping was not great for her) he quickly rushes to us and gets her out right away! THANK YOU!
$226  in, our kids are thirsty so we order a drink for them and chili hot dog for my sister $10 or so. The appearance of this hotdog was HORRIBLE! It looked like a hotdog from a small town store who never gets customers but refuses to refresh the food. The "chili" was pretty much black, tasted horrible and I could almost promise you it wasn't even chili, we all taste tested the "chili" and it tasted like bbq sauce of some sort. But definitely not chili. We ask for a refund and Carly rudely points to the sign letting us know there are no refunds and that the board plainly states that. A new manager walks in , Taylor, she offers to "upgrade" us to a pizza and we don't have to pay the extra $1.84 for it.
Thinking it would be a decent size pizza for this price we thank her for that and go back out to ride the go-karts. I was shocked to see a smaller then normal personal size pizza. I double checked to make sure this was the right pizza and with the kids now begging for food we decide to just take it and feed them a tiny slice each. Incident 5 and 6
After sitting down to eat I go back up to get napkins, they are up there mocking our conversation and laughing at the bad service we received. I pretended not to hear because I really just wanted my kids to be able to play. Incident 7
I go back up to ask for the golf balls not realizing they are right in my face on the counter. Taylor, with a bad attitude asks if we have unlimited wrist bands. I explained to her I decided not to get one because of the issues we have had and that its not at all what we expected but that my kids do have them. Silence............ I grab 3 balls and walk out. Incident 8
Luckily our kids LOVED the rides and the mini golf. It was a hot day but there was no complaints from them. After mini golf we go back in to play more games, hunting to find ones that work we end up playing skee ball and a racecar game just to get rid of them because by this time we were tired of the machines eating them. We just wanted to go.  After cashing in our tickets we again were suprised by the scarse selection of "prizes".. Even our kids who normally are all over the prize picking were silent and we had to make suggestions. We ended up getting a bracelet for the two girls and a heart slinky, the two boys the vampire teeth. For about 150 tickets!! Really!!!!???
I will NEVER suggest this place to anyone. I am very upset we spent this much money at this place. From the street, the mini gold and go-karts make the place look awesome, but that's about all that they offer that would be worth any money. Beyond disappointed! After posting on facebok about Mountasia being a waste of money I had 5 "likes" and three comments that they agree.
I wish I had posted to facebook before going! :(
I shared my link and disappointment on Mountasia facebook and they blocked me. Tweeted and the ignored me! Apparently they wont even attempt to apologize. I am so shocked! Word is getting around though!

I was not paid in any form for this post. As a matter of fact I wasted money at this place and now time.
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  1. Read about your experience at the North Richland Hills Mountasia, if that's the one next to a sonic and across from the North East TCC Campus that place has been going down hill for over 10 years. The Putt Putt in Hurst is much nicer, can't remember what the price differences are, but Putt Putt also runs specials. Mountasia started going down hill when they started adding on all that stuff like paintball/ice rink...they let the game room and customer service die....very sad as it used to be one of my fav places to go when I was younger.

  2. Oh my gosh that's ridiculous! Hope that they see how horrible of an experience you had and do something about it. The fact that they've actually blocked you is an indication of what a terrible business they run. I'm so glad you posted about this company so that we can avoid it like the plague! Clearly NOT family friendly!



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