Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Funds for Homeschooling From the Home School Foundation

Through the generosity of many donors, the Home School Foundation is able to offer a variety of scholarships to homeschooling families to help with specific needs.
Note that, because of our limited funding base, we will not be able to offer assistance with every financial need. But if you are in extreme financial need and don't think you fall under one of the categories listed, please contact us online or call (540) 338-8688 to explain your circumstances.
Although we may not be able to help your family at this time, we will take your set of circumstances into consideration for future development of the Home School Foundation as God leads.
All of our scholarships are designed to help families who are committed to homeschooling, who have demonstrable financial need, and who qualify for a specific fund set up to help families like theirs.
We are excited at how God has grown the Foundation thus far to accomplish His work and encourage you to pray that He would use us to bless even more families in the future.

Single Parent Resources
We know that single parenting is a challenge, and we'd like to help.
To that end, we've compiled a list of resources we think you might find valuable. May you be encouraged and equipped to face the tasks ahead!

  • Ambleside Online

  • Christian Coloring

  • Christian Parenting Source

  • Considering Homeschooling

  • Crosswalk

  • Crosswalk Homeschooling

  • Frugal Homeschoolers

  • Lifeway Homeschooling

  • Love At Home

  • Love To Learn: Tested Homeschool Resources

  • Practical Homeschooling For Single Parents

  • Simply Charlotte Mason

  • Single Parent Homeschool Resources


  • The Old School House Magazine

  • TLS Books & Worksheet

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