Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Miracle Momas - Sweep Flatware from Oneida Review & Giveaway Ends 9/15

We have been in the house we live in now for 4 years and since then have not bought new anything for the kitchen. Well suddenly about 2 months ago all of our silverware started disappearing little by little. We still can't figure out what has happened to it unless we have a silverware monster (like the sock monster lol) around lol. So when given the opportunity to do a review for Oneida naturally the flatware is what I chose to review.

About Oneida:

From whimsy to fanciful, Oneida has something for everyone’s dinner table.  Oneida recently launched its Chef’s Table line of porcelain white dinnerware, which is available in 3 shapes; hard square, soft square and round.   There’s also plenty of entertaining accessories in the line, like serving platters and dipping dishes to accentuate your favorite family dishes.
New York event stylist and owner of SC3 Group, Angela Giannopoulos, has used Oneida to decorate her tables for A-list clients.  She has several tips for easy at-home entertaining and we’ve provided a brief except below: 2
•         Versatility is key. Make considerations when stocking your kitchen cabinets— consider cookware and serving dishes that can be used both for smaller and larger occasions, as well as casual and formal ones.
•         Accessorize your home. I often hang on to things that I shouldn’t, but have learned that any little knick knack can come into play when decorating for events. I’ve made candle holders out of mason jars, a menu with a chalkboard and centerpieces using old pitchers. 

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